Ladies. Have you seen the viral hot police officers in Florida that have started a trend? A selfie of 3 Gainesville cops had women everywhere losing their minds. It spurred other departments to show off their hot stuff and encouraged women to donate to Hurricane relief efforts. After seeing all the departments had to offer, I'd have to say move aside boys, Rome's police have you ALL beat.

The Rome Police Department is joining the viral 'hot cop' trend to help raise money for Hurricane Relief Efforts and local charities. You can donate to either the Gainesville Police Hurricane Relief Efforts in the name of Rome Police OR to a local charity of your choice. The Rome police are partial to any charity involving child cancer.

The 'hot cops' in Rome from left to right are Officer Salle, Officer Utter, Officer Buckley, Officer Page and Sgt Fragapane. Be advised ladies, only 1 is single; Officer Page, who is also a father of one of the cutest little boys you'll see. How can you look at that face (either one) and not give to a charity that helps child cancer?

Aaron Page

Child Cancer Charities:

Take a look at the other 'hot cops' and tell me if you don't agree; they got nothing on the boys in blue in Rome.

Gainsville Police - Over 280,000 FB Shares

The selfie of the Gainesville officers has been shared more than a quarter of a million times. I'll admit, these officers are attractive, especially the one in the middle. But these gentleman have nothing on Rome.

Gainsville Police Department

Sarasota Police - Over 10,000 FB Shares

The Sarasota Police department responded to Gainesville with their own 'Hot Cop' shot. The tank is a nice touch but they still don't touch our local boys in blue.

Sarasota Police Department

Knoxville Police - Over 36,000 FB Shares

Knoxville was next and taking a picture with a dog always gets extra points. But it's going to take more than a cute K-9. The Knoxville police were the ones who encouraged any woman who commented to "make a small donation in the name of either the Gainesville PD or Knoxville PD to your favorite charity to help Hurricane Irma victims in Florida."

Knoxville Police Department