A Rome family is hoping for a Christmas miracle this year. Little Mya Corigliano has been battling Leukemia but it's a losing battle.

Brandi Corigliano says at just 13 weeks old her daughter was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. "We thought she just had a stomach bug. Devastation doesn't even begin to describe how we felt."

Despite many advances, AML has a relatively poor long-term prognosis and Mya has been spending most of her life in hospitals. "She spend almost 4 months in Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse and 3 months at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where she had a bone marrow transplant that was donated by one of her older sister."

Little Mya relapsed shortly after the transplant and has continued her fight ever since. "At just 18 months old she has been battling this beast for 15 months," says Corigliano.

The transplant and chemo weren't enough. Corigliano says leukemia is taking over Mya's body and she's not likely to make Christmas. "Mya's body is too tired and in too much pain to continue to try to conquer this terrible beast, but man has she put up a hell of a fight. We will be remaining home and together as a family to cherish every moment of her remaining days."

The community has rallied around the Corigliano family, doing everything they can to help; from creating prayer circles to providing groceries and a meal train. "As kids everyone dreams of growing up and moving away. We are so thankful and blessed to live in Rome, a community that still cares about others. A community where even strangers are willing to do anything needed to help a family in crisis. Because of everyone's generosity we get to focus our attention on making memories with Mya."

Brandi Corigliano

A bottle and can drive is being held December 10th at the Stanwix Heights Fire Department with all the proceeds going towards the Corigliano family to help offset medical bills.

Every moment Mya has left is spent surrounded with those who love her best. Santa even made a special visit to bring Christmas early.

Brandi Corigliano

If you find yourself caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, keep Mya in mind and remember Christmas isn't about what you give, but what you already have.

"Mya is a local hero and has a bigger support system that I could have ever dreamed possible," says Corigliano. "Mya has accomplished so much in her short time. And we are honored to call her ours."

Brandi Corigliano