Norman Rockwell was known for painting the everyday life of America and its culture for decades. But since COVID-19, everyday life has changed.

Heather Andrewski changed Rockwell's famous 'Girl Reading the Post' painting to represent America today. "I decided to draw the Post cover to reflect more with the times we are facing, showing the comparison of the first half of the 1900's to now in 2020."

Photo Credit - Heather Rasha Andrewski

The Girl Reading the Post is not only wearing a face mask, she also featured reading about the Global Pandemic in the paper while carrying viruses & plagues history books.

Photo Credit - Heather Rasha Andrewski

The painting, also known as 'Cover Girl,' first appeared on the front of the Saturday Evening Post March 1, 1941. It was Rockwell's 199th overall out of 322 total paintings that were published in the Post. Rockwell gave the painting to Walt Disney but the original is now a permanent collection of the Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts.

Andrewski reworked a few Rockwell paintings when she studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh but says she hasn't picked up a pencil in awhile. "I just kind of haven't been inspired to do much at home. A lot of artists get like this sometimes."

Picking up a pencil is a way for Andrewski to relieve her anxiety issues. "This stay at home order and work closing is stressful and I thought it would be a good time to draw again," she said. "If this isn't a sign of the times to do a new one, I don't know what is."

This is only the beginning for Andrewski who plans to keep drawing. "I have some others that I want to do."

Take a look at more of Andrewski's incredible talent.

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