Howard Stern wasn't the only celebrity New Hartford speed painter Robert Channing created a glitter portrait of on 'America's Got Talent.'  Heidi Klum got the glitter treatment as well.

Channing says Klum asked is he'd do a glitter painting of her and how can you say no to Heidi Klum.

We've got to admit, Heidi looks much prettier in glitter than Howard ever could.

Watch Channing create a glittery Klum in a little over 60 seconds.

Heidi Klum Glitter Painting

What is the future of Channing on AGT? He doesn't know.  He says 'it's reality television. You never knows what's going to happen.'

Even if he's not invited back, Channing feels he's 'already won. I have a number of major things in the works because of the exposure from the show.

Channing will perform at the Stanley Theater November 15th. Get your tickets at MVCC.

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