Utica mentalist and speed painter Robert Channing is preparing for his show at the Stanley Theater November 15th, with a new trick. He stopped by the studio to drive a car blindfolded.  Little did I know, he'd choose our NEW CAR!

First Channing put on a metal blindfold. Then he covered it with an ace bandage, followed by another blindfold and a bag to top it off.  I tried it on and you couldn't see ANYTHING!  Then he got behind the wheel of our car and drove into traffic.

I don't know what was scarier, knowing Channing was driving blindfolded or knowing he was driving my car, especially when the tractor trailer drove by. But you'd never know he couldn't see. He drove better than most who can.

How'd he do that!? Get tickets to see Robert Channing at the Stanley, by calling 724-4000 or at Ticketmaster. You'll be asking yourself that question a lot.

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