Talk about waiting until the last minute. New Hartford speed painter Robert Channing's 'America's Got Talent' audition finally airs Sunday on NBC.

Sunday will be doubly special for Channing, who will also be celebrating his 18th wedding anniversary. A ticket to the next round would make a perfect gift.

Who does Channing think is his biggest competition this seaons? 'The singing soldier. I loved him. He touched my heart.'

You'd think with Channing's mind reading abilities, he could tell us who wins. 'Polly I'm not God okay. Although I do a mind reading show, this is just speed painting, so I turned my mind reading skills off.'

Channing will be tweeting live during Sunday's episode. Join the conversation with @Robert_Channing at #AGT #TurnUpTheTalent and #ShowStoppingSunday.

Stanley Theater Performance

Channing will perform at the Stanley Theater November 15th. Tickets go on sale July 1st. Don’t be surprised if you see Leon & Romy, who were also on America’s Got Talent, make a guest appearance, since Channing showed up at their show last February.

Robert Channing
Robert Channing

Since Channing is under contract with AGT, he can’t paint while he was here but he did promise to return. ‘I’d love to come back and create a painting in the studio that we can give away to one of your listeners.’ We’re holding him to it!

Follow Robert on Social Media

Follow Robert Channing at, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Tune in NBC Tuesday nights at 8 to cheer Robert on.

Robert Channing in Studio

America's Got Talent Promo

Channing isn't the only act from New York to be featured on AGT.  Comedian 12-year-old Josh Orlian from White Plains moved on with his naughty routine. Buffalo native Justin Rhodes left his father in tears with his audition and Baldwinsville teen Julia Goodwin had everyone in a 'New York State of Mind.'

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