Have you seen this car? Rob Graham is warning residents in Frankfort about a suspicious man driving through the area.

This guy followed my sister, who is a new driver and only 16, from our house in Frankfort to her work bus stop. The driver proceeded to make her uncomfortable driving slow and rolling the window down without getting out or going into the Herkimer Walmart. The car did a circle on 1st Ave more than once around our house. The Frankfort Police have been contacted. The man is late 40's to early 50's and lives on Main Street in Frankfort. I caught this picture on Genessee Street heading south, after the round about where it just so happens this guy cut me off. The same guy that my parents had just called to let me know what happened this morning!

Graham's Facebook post has been shared hundreds of times and many have said they've seen the same man, acting suspiciously in their area.

Graham says he called the Frankfort police who investigated. The driver said he was just going to Walmart, but Graham says he "never got out of his car."

I recently had a similar situation where a car was acting strangely. I walking along Route 5 near the Byrne Dairy in Clinton. It was very late and very dark, especially once you pass the light at Byrne Dairy. The car passed me and I saw it's break lights. When another car came up behind, it sped up and turned left into a daycare parking lot, facing back out towards Route 5. It sat in the lot for about 10 minutes as I waited behind a tree in someone's yard until it left. I wasn't walking past it, late at night, alone. Plus the home still had their lights on if I needed help.

I didn't see the car or how many people were in it because of the darkness. I just knew I felt uncomfortable and sorry I'd made the mistake of walking alone at night. At least I'd let someone know I was walking before leaving and was already texting as I walked.

Thankfully the car took off and I jogged home, which was just down the road.

Please be aware of your surroundings and travel in pairs, especially at night. And trust your gut.


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