If you like thrill rides National Roller Coaster Day may be like Christmas to you, but if you had to choose, what is your favorite roller coaster that calls New York State home?

National roller Coaster Day is August 16, and that got us thinking. It might be easy to name your favorite roller coaster you've ever been on, but what about your favorite here in NY?

Is it the Viper at Darien Lake, the Steamin' Demon at Great Escape, or do you prefer old school wooden coasters?

There are plenty to choose from with an Amusement park in almost every corner of New York State.

Submit your choices for the best roller coaster in NY and we'll see which one Big Frog 104's listeners like the best.

For me personally, it's a tie between the Viper and Ride of Steel at Darien Lake.

The Viper was the first coaster I ever rode, and it was in the very front seat with my Dad. It will always bring back memories of my Dad teaching me all about thrill rides and how much fun they are.

The Ride of Steel is tied(or a close second) because at the time it debuted, it was the highest I'd ever been in a coaster. And that ride is sooo much fun.

Let us know your favorite NYS coaster in the comments below or on our Facebook page, and I'll read your answers on-air.

Take a virtual ride on Darien Lake's The Viper:



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