There's a bakery in Bouckville inspiring central New York to pay it forward with a Random Acts of Kindness door.

At Buttercup Baker in Bouckville, customers are paying it forward by either leaving money or buying a treat and the owner Cheryl Livermore, writes the name and reward on the Random Acts of Kindness door.

Hayley Kairewich says she's often paid it forward but this is the first time she's had her own name on the door. "Much to my surprise I saw my name up there and a blueberry scone waiting for me."

Hayley Kairewich

The bakery has more than delicious treats. You also find old household items that have been given a new life/purpose. The Random Acts of Kindness door was on the side of the road and now brings friends and strangers food and smiles.

From the ceiling you see a chandelier made of tea cups and spoons from Livermore's grandmother.

Hayley Kairewich

Over the counter of tasty treats you see her grandfather's coffee cans that have been turned into light covers.

Hayley Kairewich

"I just love the way you feel when your name is on the door," says Kairewich. "The owner is really into paying it forward and I'd love to pay it forward by letting you know about this Random Acts of Kindness door."

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