Bike share programs are usually found in areas like Washington D.C. or New York City, but now there are 3 locations with a total of 16 bikes for rent in Rome with the bike share program. 

With the popular Mohawk River Trail, it's great news that a public bike share program is now available to everyone.

To get started, become a member. You need the Zagster app for your smartphone.

The cost for those 18 and older:

  • Daily pass holder: $1 for the first hour and then $3 per hour after.
  • Annual pass holder: The first hour is free then $3 per hour after.

Then according to the instructions on Positively Rome:

Bike Share Program in Rome
Paul Matthew Myers

Enter your bike's number into the app and tap "START RIDE". You'll get a code to open and close the lockbox. Bikes are found at these 3 locations.

  • The Mohawk River Trail
  • Fort Stanwix National Monument
  • Bellamy Harbor Park


Bike Share Program in Rome
Paul Matthew Myers


Use the key from inside the lockbox to operate the U-lock that attaches the bike to its station. Close the lockbox before you ride.



Bike Share Program in Rome
Paul Matthew Myers


Have fun and stay safe! Use the U-lock to keep the bike secure if you make stops along the way. Your lockbox code will continue to work during your ride.



Bike Share Program
Paul Matthew Myers


When you're done, lock the bike back to a Rome Zagster station and close the lockbox. Then go to the app and tap "END RIDE".



The bikes are called a Cruisers and features:

  • Adjustable seat height fits adult riders
  • Activate the front and rear lights at night
  • Keep the U-lock in the basket while you ride
  • Seven gears of shifting let you ride anywhere
  • Fenders and a chain guard keep you clean

When you try this out let us know how it went!!!

Special thanks to Paul Matthew Myers for the photos.

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