Have you heard the gossip about Onondaga Lake? New York State scientists are now saying the water is clear enough in two-thirds of the lake for swimming. Would you jump in?

The New York state report has the following to say about simming:

The lake is now meeting ambient water quality standards intended to protect aquatic life and human recreation uses. Water quality conditions in the northern two‐thirds of the lake are now suitable for swimming"

Personally, from smelling the lake and actually seeing it....I can't imagine it's ready to swim in just yet.

Here's what different people are saying all across Central New York on social media:

Kirk: The lake is a sespool , Syracuse is a dump, and whoever approved the expense of designing, ordering and installing a permanent sign along 690 that says "Onondaga Lake Cleanup - Dredging Complete" should be fired immediately.

Ken:Pretty scary I jumped in that lake back in 2000 for free concert tickets I now glow in the dark.

Ron: I'll swim there if I see the mayor and the rest of the Council drink a glass of water straight from the lake.

‏@tictacConDore: Onondaga Lake is officially clean enough to swim in..I was oddly proud of having the dirtiest lake in the nation. Oh well.

Eddie: The only think that lake is missing is a floating toilet seat.

Susan: there probably fish with 3 eyes in there.

Devin: The animals don't even like swimming in it. Walk the shore line and count the dead fish. Nope I'll go elsewhere for my swimming.

Josh Holmes: No thanks. I'd rather take a dip in a construction site porta potty. I don't swim in any water that I can smell 2mi before I can see it."