The DiNitto Farms in Marcy might know a thing or two about milking cows, they've been doing it for 3 generations. But their Member of Distinction Award from the Dairy Farmers of America has to do with more than their hard work. It's about their commitment to the community and the industry.

At a time when many dairy farms are curtailing their operation, the DiNitto's have gone from milking 150 cows to a herd of 1,200. Always reinvesting in the operation from facilities to technology. They also believe healthy and happy cows are the key to success, even providing mattresses and bigger stalls.

And in addition to growing their operation, they have opened their farm to public tours, hosting the annual Oneida County Farm Fest for several years. And it looks like the tradition will continue as brothers Joe and Tony Jr., who runs the farm have 6 kids of their own. Take an inside look at their philosophy and operation in the video below.

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