Remember the boyfriend who surprised his fiance with a wedding?  Shawn & Colleen Lippert of Windsor Ontario Canada had planned to eloped in Vegas in September and then throw a party for family and friends after.   Shawn had other ideas.  He surprised Colleen, who thought she was going to a retirment party, with an on the spot wedding.  Luckily they had someone video tape the whole thing and now it's gone viral. 

So how did Shawn come up with such an elaborate idea?  He had to redeem himself after he 'botched the proposal.'  He says 'Colleen came home and said Shawn I think we should get married.  I said yeah, yeah as it went in one ear and out the other.  She then started calling all her friends telling them we were engaged and I'm thinking, what an idiot.  Something that special and I blew it.'  So how will he top this?  He 'doesn't plan on it.'

Shawn and Colleen have gone from being a normal couple to being on every TV talk show there is.  They haven't even had time to enjoy being married or even go on a honeymoon.  Shawn says they've been travelling and just recently got home.  But they've already had their 'first fight as a married couple.'  I guess Shawn forgot to put the toilet seat down.  Lesson one of many he'll learn.

The video was only meant for family and friends who were inside at the wedding and missed the actual proposal outside.  Shawn says they had no idea it would go viral.  He said 'the story made ABC World news and got more coverage than the Kim Kardashian wedding.'  Check out the surprise wedding video or watch it again.  I wonder how they'll make the announcement when they're expecting.

Shawn & Colleen Surprise wedding

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