Pieces of HeART is a creative expression program of Upstate Cerebral Palsy that started in 2005 featuring artistic work by individuals with differing creative abilities. 

'Pieces of HeART' empowers Utica area artists and enables them to create art with self-expression. The vision is to create a stepping stone for artists to develop and explore new opportunities through the art programs. Artists learn life skills through their art process and experience a natural way to express themselves. They also learn the peaceful place of creativity that clears the mind and opens the heart to new growth. The Pieces of Heart Art programs are offered within Upstate Cerebral Palsy's Adult Day Programs at their on-site art studios.

Other creative art programs offered:

  • A.R.T. (Artistic Realization Technologies): Brings uncompromised control of the art-making process to adults with severe physical challenges.
  • The Studio Art Learning Program: Designed to offer art projects and classes for all levels of artistic abilities in a day program setting.
  • Hands in the Clay: Artists are given the opportunity to assist in exploring a variety of hand building skills such as coiling, pinching and slab construction, as well as pottery wheel - pot making and collaborative clay sculptures.
  • Silk Art: Artists work with the silk to create a totally unique scarf or tie.

For more information visit Upstate Cerebral Palsy. There are many ways to get involved and support programs that have a positive impact in our community.

The pieces of artwork in the gallery below are on display at The Root Farm in Sauquoit.


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