Are angels and the Hand of God captured in photos from the Oriskany Falls fire?

On Saturday December 10th, a fire sparked in the former Covidien plant on Madison Street in Oriskany Falls. Multiple crews were on the scene battling the flames for hours, and luckily all firefighters were safe after the incident. Some photos have emerged from the scene that are quite curious to look at.

CNY Fire on Facebook kept Central New York informed throughout the entire fire. They also shared a photo from the scene that looks like a hand holding up the building from Hilary R. Settle. Some believe this is the hand of God holding up the building so no one got hurt. Others feel it was angels keeping everyone safe. Even the person who runs the Facebook page told us they believe it was "a Hand Holding up the Corner of the Wall so it doesn't fall on Firefighters."

Hilary Settle
Hilary Settle

What exactly do you think the photo is of?

It's not just that photo either. Several others show what appears to be angels in the smoke.

What do you make of these photos? See more incredible shots on Hillary's Facebook page.

Oriskany Falls Fire Department, along with several local agencies, battled the flames for hours. At the moment, the cause of the fire is believed to be accidental.

The warehouse closed in 2011 but started as a knitting mill in 1897, according to CNY Central.




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