The Catskills aren't only known for the amazing beauty, apparently it's known for it's paranormal history. The Crone Statue is part of The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult and it still is baffling investigators each and every day.

Lead investigators on the statue are husband and wife team Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews. The duo has traveled North America on hundreds of paranormal adventures covering everything from legendary monsters, crazy psychic phenomena, and covering everything in between. They've studied Bigfoot, aliens, angry ghosts, and even more. Recently they picked up the case of The Crone Statue out of the Catskills.

The Crone was originally discovered by a pair of friends hiking in the Catskills. They shared their tale on the Paranormal Board of Reddit:

We found this really creepy statue while screwing around in some caves. It has nails in its eyes and a noose around its neck. Looks like it might be old. I don’t think its been there very long, but its weird, because this cave was way off the trail. Someone had a fire in there not too long ago.

The statue really wigged me out but my buddy decided to take it home with him even though I told him not to. Everyone says that theres devil worshippers that come out here to sacrifice animals and do their spells and stuff so I didn’t want anything to do with this thing.

The hikers soon reported creepy activity from the statue. The statue would move from its spot into different spots around the house, and it kept leaving an odd odor all over the place. The home was filled with loud bangs, and it even spooked out the hikers dog.

It started out just as knocks and banging, but he said that by Wednesday he started waking up in the middle of the night feeling like someone was watching him. This kept happening throughout the week, and every time he’d wake up, he would smell a really strong scent like pond water. He doesn’t believe any of this paranormal stuff, so he just ignored it until a few days ago when the statue moved from his desk into his living room. He says that every night since Thursday, its moved into a different room than where he left it. He thought it was his dog moving it around because it smelled funny, but his dog won’t go anywhere near it. He says that she’s actually peed in the house three nights in a row and she’s never, ever done that.

Greg and Dana explained to the hikers if they were truly freaked out, they would take this New York statue off of their hands. After investigating the object, and reporting extremely creepy instances in their home, they can report the object is "Haunted."

Within hours of the object arriving at my office, I'm fairly certain it pulled Jesus off a crucifix hanging on the wall, was the cause of phantom knocks, wet footprints on my couch, and we even caught it moving with a motion activated camera. The last straw was when it tried to drop a television on my head."

You can read Greg's full report by Clicking Here.

What in the world do you think this creepy statue is? Text us on our app and let us know your thoughts.

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