Have you seen the photos from the Covidien plant fire in Oriskany Falls that show what appears to be the hand of God? We talked to the local photographer who took the photos.

The photographer who took these amazing photos is Hilary R. Settle of Madison. Hilary is a local photographer who was on the scene of the fire this past weekend. When she took the photos, she didn't realize the impact they would have. When asked if she noticed the hand when taking the photo, or after when she uploaded, she had no idea.

"I did not notice the hand at the time I took the photo, I was so wrapped up in the moment....It wasn't until the picture hit Facebook that people said "That looks like a hand", and I commented with you're right"!

Hilary believes it's a hand. As to whether it's God or Angels, she can't decide. She does feel that God has his hand on the situation protecting the firefighters.