As Sunflower season comes to an end, there's one farm in New York where the flowers will last forever.

A silo in Western New York has been turned into a work of art. Dan Butler transformed Ron and Darcie Ikeler's silo in Silver Springs, his largest artwork ever. It took him 27 hours over five days to complete. "Darcie had been wanting sunflowers painted on the silo for a long time and saw some of my other artwork," says Butler.

Photo Credit- Dan Butler

Butler's work has gone viral. Local photographer John Kucko captured the stunning silo after the owners contacted him. "Dan could make a career painting murals on silos or barns around the region," said Kucko. "It is a wonderful sight amidst the robust farmland and rolling hills in this part of Western New York."

Photo Credit - John Kucko

Check out the amazing detail. From the multi colored leaves and flower petals to the bee taking a rest on one of the stems.

Photo Credit- Dan Butler

Butler says he enjoyed the experience of creating the stunning artwork. "Painting high in the air with serene fields of corn and farmland all around was amazing. I even made a new friend, Brownie the cow, who watched me work."

Photo Credit- Dan Butler

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