Have you ever been to a rodeo before? See one for the first time at Wild West Frogfest and Rodeo June 14th with the Painted Pony Rodeo. Our Frogfest favorites are back! Here's a couple reasons you should check them out:

1) Watch Barrel Racing

Have you ever heard of barrel racing? You will see this at most rodeos across the country. It's an event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a clover-leaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time.


2) Enjoy Bull Riding At It's Finest

Have you ever seen bull riding before? It can get pretty crazy. Check out some of our photos from last year if you don't believe me!


3) Talk To Real Cowboys


How many times can you say you've done this before? These men and women are the real cowboys and cowgirls. Talk to them, interact, and get to understand their lifestyle more.


4) Check Out The Rodeo Clowns

Rodeo clowns will always put a smile on your face, and help save the backs of bull riders.