I spent my Memorial Day weekend camping at Fish Creek Pond campground just outside of Tupper Lake, and was startled out of my seat when we heard a sound that I've never heard before.

The noise was an extremely creepy screeching warbling sound and the three of us that were sitting around the campfire playing cards instantly jumped out of our chairs and started looking around for the boogeyman.

After I got my heart out of my throat and rational thinking once again took over, we compared notes and decided that the noise definitely came from the trees, and was way too high pitched to be a bear or anything threatening.

We then came to the conclusion that it had to be some sort of owl or nocturnal bird.

After a quick Google search of owls native to New York State and what calls they make, I found out that it was most likely an Eastern Screech Owl.

What a relief, it wasn't an escaped pterodactyl from Jurassic Park.

Here's some examples of the Eastern Screech Owl's calls:

Now just imagine being in the middle of the Adirondacks in the dark and hearing that from somewhere close behind you.

Nature is awesome, but she can be really creepy.


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