Unless you are a person who can't stand being out in the natural world with flora and fauna and perhaps a bug here and there, chances are you enjoy dining outdoors since northern states like here in New York don't offer as much outdoor dining as in southern climes.

I LOVE the outdoors so I am always looking to combine my two favorite things: being outdoors and eating out. As an Otsego County resident in our beautiful Empire State, there are not a lot of restaurants that offer outside dining although I will say that the number of outdoor dining opportunities has greatly increased since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What started out as a necessity to keep restaurants in business, turned into something wonderful for those like me who always long to eat outdoors, to soak up the beauty of the Leatherstocking Region and beyond. It's the best of both worlds and there really are some fantastic places to enjoy in Delaware and Otsego County that I have discovered.

Sometimes, you need to look hard to find these hidden treasures or maybe you happen to get word from a friend about a certain restaurant with great outdoor dining? I'm making it easy for you with this list. All restaurants mentioned below are different and all offer something unique to enjoy.

A Feast For Eyes And Stomach Awaits You Dining Outdoors At These 13 Restaurants In Central New York

Central New York may be known for its changeable weather more than outdoor dining but because of the increase in popularity of eating in the great outdoors, more and more restaurants are offering it to patrons. Below are some awesome choices in Delaware and Otsego Counties.

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