I'm sure you've had this happpen to you. You're driving to work, and the guy (or woman) ahead of you has his left turn signal on for three miles. Or, the car ahead of you turns without using a turn signal. What do you do?

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

This may sound like venting, and I know that I may forget to signal now and then, but it makes you be more alert on a routine drive. On my drive into the station today on the North-South Arterial in Utica, the pickup truck ahead of me had his left turn signal on for about five blocks, then it turned it off, and then he put the left signal on again and turned right. Go figure!

Yesterday, a minivan in front of me made a last minute turn with no turn signal. Wow! You really have to stay on your toes behind the wheel, and with all of the construction going on in central New York; that's a whole other story.

So, let's hope we can all try to drive a little bit more carefully, especially with back-to-school arriving in the coming weeks.

My two cents.