Katelyn Armstrong of Whitesboro was enjoying her drive to work this week when she noticed that something wasn't right. An unexpected object landed on her in her car while she was on Commercial Drive and started smelling smoke.

A driver in front of her had thrown a lit cigarette out the window of their car and it had flown back into Katelyn's car. She noticed her shirt was on fire and had to pull over on the Arterial to put it out.

Luckily, the only thing the that was harmed during this experience was her shirt. And maybe she was a little scarred by the whole ordeal, but she was safe.

Katelyn just wants people to be a little more courteous with their cigarettes on the road (or not be smoking at all!). Be a little more aware of your surroundings. She has a daughter and was worried that something like that could have happened and could have landed on her instead. Simply getting an ashtray for your car is an easy fix to this problem.

*Story written and submitted by Big Frog intern Dan Curtacci*

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