Over the course of our weekly First Responder Friday Salutes, we have encountered several Central New York families with more than one member involved in making a difference in their community. Now, for the 2nd time, we find a family where everyone is involved with running toward the danger. Meet the Williams' family from Oriskany Falls.

The Williams' have plenty to be proud of, 4 beautiful daughters who all followed in Mom and Dad's footsteps. Gareth and Linda Williams set great examples for Stephanie, Bethany, Megan, and Gwyn. Gareth is a firefighter with the Oriskany Falls Fire Department and a first-aid instructor who has long put other's lives and community first. Linda is a paramedic with Southern Madison County Ambulance Corps, a CPR Instructor, and also volunteers with OF Fire Department.

All four young ladies are EMTs with Oriskany Falls' Department. Stephanie also volunteers with the Madison County ambulance service and is a 2020 graduate of LeMoyne college where she worked with the schools EMS Unit before graduation. She has a degree in biology and will be attending Utica College in the fall in the Physical Therapy program. Bethany is entering her final semester in Morrisville's Nursing Program and will become an RN. Megan and Gwyn just began working in the EMT field and are graduating high school this year. Both have plans to enter the medical field. Megan will be attending Utica college for Neuroscience and Premed, while Gwyn will study biology and premed at SUNY Geneseo.

You know the level commitment runs deep when some of the families favorite memories are attending the annual New Hartford fire truck show every year. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Williams' home, we'd offer this piece of advice. Don't be standing in front of the door if the emergency alarm goes off. There will be 6 people running toward it.

To the Williams' family we salute you for what you do and will do in the future.  Thanks for keeping us all safe.


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