Did you know it's actually illegal to carry a ice cream cone in your pocket on Sunday's in New York state?

Seriously, this law isn't something out of The Onion. In New York, you're not allowed to carry ice cream cones in your pocket on Sundays. Untapped Cities is still searching for the origin of the law, but it's real.

Once upon a time, someone reportedly strolled through Manhattan with an ice cream cone in his pocket, causing “untold mischief.” What kind of mischief is not clearly stated — and trust us, we’ve combed through the web to find the answer — but the act was apparently enough to enact regulation.

CraveOnline.com claims that it gave birth to the ice cream sundae. These were traditionally sold on Sundays as a way to bypass the law. So at least we got more ways to eat ice cream out of this weird law.

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