On November 10th, Notre Dame JR/SR teacher Michael Zasa went in for a CAT Scan because he was feeling some tingling and numbness on his right side. When the test was finished the doctor immediately called Mike to tell him that there was a large tumor on the left side of his brain that was touching the part of his brain that controls his speech.

According to a GOFundMe Page, doctors immediately brought Mike to the hospital and he was later transferred to Crouse Hospital in Syracuse for further testing. The doctors decided a game plan for Mike and he will be having surgery on December 1st at Crouse Hospital to remove the tumor.

A crew of specialists will be flown in to do the surgery which requires Mike to be awake in order to remove the tumor and make sure that his speech is not effected. The surgery is expected to be 8-10 hours long. Mike will have extensive occupational, speech and physical therapy after the surgery and possible radiation treatments if they cannot remove the entire tumor. He has a long and tough road ahead of him, but his faith is strong and his positive outlook will help him to persevere.

Mike currently teaches religion and Spanish, however, because of this tumor, he does not recall any words in Spanish. He is a devoted teacher who gives of himself to the school and his home parish of St. Mary of Mt. Carmel/Blesssed Church in Utica. Many know, and love him, as Coach Z on the tennis court.

A GoFundMe has been set up in his honor to help the family with expected medical bills and other costs. You can donate by Clicking Here. The goal is set at $20,000. As of the time of this posting, the page has earned over $5000 in donations.




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