As school districts begin to decide what they will do when scheduled classes are slated to begin, one school has already made up their minds.

Notre Dame Elementary School has decided to resume in person instruction beginning on Monday, January 11th, 2021. However, the high school will be continuing remote education.

Executive Principal Roy Kane sent a letter to the Notre Dame community informing them of the back-to-school plan. Kane says the administration reached the decision based on a number of factors including, "the current risk presented to a growing number of faculty/staff personnel as well as their families, the increase in voluntary selection of Remote Instruction by parents, and in line with recommendations shared by county personnel."

Kane did specify that the remote instruction would last until at least Tuesday, January 19th, 2021. Kane says he hopes that both buildings will be able to resume in-person instruction with the same safety and success they had the first half of the year. Kane says, "While we will continue to strive for that goal, it will be through the lens of safety.  Safety of our students, their families, faculty, and staff personnel."

Kane says that the administration will continue to reassess their posture their posture on a weekly basis, or as they feel is required. Chief Kane also said that COVID-19 testing that was scheduled at the High School campus will go on as scheduled on Saturday, January 9th, 2021.

Notre Dame was the first school in the area to announce, long before the school year started, that they would be going back for the 2021-21 school year fully in-person.

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