Kindness can some from either side of the political aisle. At least, that's what voters proved to a 98-year-old World War II veteran in upstate New York.

Early voting is underway in New York, and in many places, lines have been hundreds of people long, leading to hours long waits. A World War II wasn't going to let them stop him; he walked with his cane all the way to the back of the line at the West Seneca Community Center near Buffalo to vote. The veteran's name is Robert, and he says he'll be 98 years old next month.

What happened next is heartwarming.

According to Toni Ruberto, a woman in a pink coat saw the man waiting, and decided to step in. She took his arm and walked him forward.

Credit: Toni Ruberto
Credit: Toni Ruberto via Facebook

"When others realized his plight because of the pink coat lady (who didn’t want any credit or to be recognized), they wanted to give him their spot. It was like a domino effect as she walked him down the line - people kept waving him forward until he was brought right into the building. It was a beautiful thing to see happen," Toni says.

Toni says Robert told her "he knew there would be a long line but he was willing to wait. It was that important to him to vote. He’s a WWII vet who served in Europe against the Germans. “It was tough,” he said."

Later, Toni says, she walked Robert back to his car in the back of the parking lot. "As we walked, people in the long line waved to him and he waved back smiling. The kindness of strangers clearly meant a lot to him. Thank you for your service Robert - giving up our spot in line was the least anyone could do for you."

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