We've heard the stories about museums shuttered and stinky national parks because of the Federal Government shutdown. But now it really hits home, the possibility of no tax refunds from the IRS. There are two reasons the usual windfall of money may be late in coming.

As the shutdown enters the second week, CNN is reporting complications will be arising at the IRS with only about 12% of their usual workforce. New changes in the tax law will have employers struggling to get W-2 forms completed by the January 31 deadline. Calls to the IRS to ask questions are met with a recording stating, "live assistance is unavailable at this time."

Even if your employer gets the W-2 completed, there may not be enough employees to process returns. In past shutdowns, they have ceased paying refunds, conducting audits and offering assistance to taxpayer's questions because of the reduction in the workforce.

There is some glimmer of hope, the IRS usually ramps up for tax season in mid-January so as of right now they're not behind schedule. There are more scheduled meetings between Republicans and Democrats today which could lead to an agreement to reopen Government services. If the shutdown continues, the IRS will also revisit their action plan to cope with fewer employees today.

Read more on the story at CNN's website.

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