Well, we know this dog is getting a LOT of treats today. A K9 with the New York State Police came to rescue on Thursday when he was able to sniff out a missing boy and save his life.

Stanley (aka a very good boy) worked alongside his handler Trooper Craig Thornhill and fellow K9 handler Trooper Matthew Carniglia on Thursday in the search to find a missing boy in Mineville. In less than a half an hour of tracking the boy's scent, Stanley found him at the edge of a ball field in an area where searchers had already looked. In a post on their Facebook page, New York State Police said the boy was unconscious, dehydrated and disoriented when they found him, but he was alive and has already been released from the hospital.

Who's the best boy? Stanley, of course!

New York State Police

New York State Police shared the story, along with this wonderful picture of Stanley, Trooper Thornhill and Trooper Carniglia, on their Facebook page. Just look at that sweet K9's face!

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Stanley is far from the first New York State K9 officer to capture our hearts. Who could forget Officer Kiah with the Poughkeepsie Police Department, the first pit bull K9 in New York State? After coming from an abusive situation in Texas, Kiah was granted a second chance at life and is doing a phenomenal job with the department. Back in April, she even posed for pictures with her partner, Justin Bruzgul, to remind New Yorkers to protect themselves and other by wearing a mask or face covering in public.

CPPD K-9 Kiah

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