If you love great seafood and oysters, then you will love the new Ocean Blue Restaurant and Oyster Bar. I'm sure you have seen the billboards somewhere around town saying things like "Raising the Bar, Literally" or "Elevation: 306 Feet Above Sea Level." The clever ads are to promote the rooftop experience you'll get with this restaurant atop Utica's Landmarc Building.

According to the Restaurants website,

Whether it’s your first date, a business luncheon, family Sunday brunch, or before a hockey game, ALL are welcome. We won’t have room at our tables for pretense, no room for cutting corners in our kitchen, but plenty of room on our rooftop for some good ol’ fashioned fun. If you’re in a suit and tie, jeans and t-shirt, or the same outfit you wore last night, you deserve a classic, crafted cocktail, a buzzing atmosphere to drink it in, and a kick-ass meal. Oh, and the view, that doesn’t suck either.

This new place is a perfect sign that good things are coming to our area. With the hopefully soon to be announced NANO jobs coming and all the growth that is going on downtown, it's only appropriate to have a great restaurant such as this.

The above video gives you just a small sampling of what the rooftop experience will be like. Those doors are called a Nana Wall and it's pretty cool. Rooftop restaurants are really cool and with Summer days like ours, it will be the perfect place for a lunch or romantic date.

Ocean Blue is set to open in approximately one month, but they are already taking reservations. To do so you can visit their website anytime or visit their Facebook page for more updates!

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