A big congrats goes out to our friends at Ommegang. Forbes just named the Three Philosophers brew the 3rd best craft beer in America.

In a recenter series of articles on Forbes, they took a look at some of the best craft beers across the great United States of America. They proudly gave the title of third place to Ommegang's Three Philosophers.

“Many consider Ommegang the premier Belgian-style brewery in the States, and this Beer Concierge concurs. Three Philosophers is a blend of a Belgian Quad and a Liefmans Kriek. This dark red ale shows beautifully in a glass. The flavor profile is sweet, malty with a bit of stone fruit. Think dessert. One has to wonder, where are they hiding all these monks in upstate New York?”"

Beer Advocate also gave the beer a score of "Outstanding". All across the internet, everyone is raving about this beer. The number one slot on Forbe's list went out to Lost Nation's brewery in Vermont and their brew called Gose.

Go try this brew from Ommegang for yourself and see if you agree.