New owners of the Old Game Farm in the Catskills are keeping the legacy alive.

The Old Game Farm, that was once home to thousands of animals, was purchased by Sidney Blauner and a small group of investors who want to preserve this unique piece of history. "We are humbled with our new responsibility of stewarding the legacy of America’s first private zoo and the largest tourist attraction in the Catskills for over 70 years."

The Old Game Farm saw over 10 million visitors during its lifetime. "While we are committed to preserving what remains of the Game Farm, we are equally dedicated to creating new memories and experiences for generations to come."

The future of the Catskill Game Farm is bright. There are plans to provide more adventurous activities like mountain biking, archery and miniature golf, in addition to the upscale accommodations currently offered. Plans are also in the works to provide a relaxing mountain home for several animals including horses, peacocks, poultry and bovines.

The opportunity to witness nature reclaim a property that was once so abundant with life, both human and animal, is inspiring and encourages the new owners to recreate a sense of wonder and excitement for future guest.

The Old Game Farm offers a unique experience, that includes over 3.5 miles of paved pathways, sitting next to 20+ acress of the Catskill Trailways for mountain biking and hiking. Enjoy the amazing views while glamping in a secluded area of the game farm. Or stay in the old giraffe barn that has been renovated into an Inn. You can stay in one of five animal themed rooms - Giraffe, Elephant, Zebra, Rhino or Menagerie room.

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