The once-popular Catskill Game Farm is on the market. And it's a location with lots of potential but there's much work to be done. The 200-acre property features the Long Neck Inn, camping and glamping sites and miles of hiking and biking trails. It could all be yours for $1.995 million.

It is a massive undertaking as there are more than 100 structures on the property and 52 fenced-in areas that once held animals. Talented Poughkeepsie based photographer Nikki Hung made a trip to the old Game Farm and captured the current state of disrepair.

There is a lot to explore and the Old Game Farm remains open at this time. According to their website, 'it's a great place to enjoy modern comforts while witnessing nature take back and American landmark'.

If you had the resources, what would you do with the Catskill Game Farm? It's hard to imagine being able to rehab many of the existing structures, but with that acreage and the large piece of property in the Catskills, anything is possible for the right investor.

The listing suggests developers look at use as a campground, theme park, or RV park. We're thinking using part of the property for mini-homes and bringing back some sort of farm would be the way to go.

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You can link up with Nikki Hunt Art and Photography out of Poughkeepsie at

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