This New Hartford restaurant will be temporarily closed on Sundays. The good news is the management is doing this to give their staff a well-deserved day off. Kudos to them for choosing NOT to burn out their dedicated staff!

Cavallo's has decided to set profits aside and close to preserve the health and well-being of their employees during a time when it seems next to impossible to bring its staff up to full capacity. According to a statement released on their Facebook page, they announced this was their last Sunday open (June 27, 2021) until after Labor Day (Monday, September 6, 2021.) "We need to give our staff a day off, with being so short-handed. We appreciate you all."

COVID-19 has turned the job market upside down. All businesses were forced to either close or pivot and do things differently, like encouraging employees to work from home. Other people were getting $600 a week, and business owners were also offered many incentives to keep them afloat.

Cavallo's has been actively searching for more employees.

Now almost all COVID restrictions are lifted, many businesses are finding it difficult to find employees. Wages are at an all-time high at Mcdonald's, Dunkin Donuts, and other locations, with starting salaries at $15 and sometimes $16 an hour. Yes, it now seems some business owners are at the mercy of employees. Are we wrong?

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