Mamma Mia! One Italian restaurant in Central New York has suddenly closed its doors.

The owners of Lauro's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Canastota have decided to shut down, announcing the sad news on social media.

We want to thank everyone that has supported us since 2019 up until now. As of December 2nd, my husband has decided to close the restaurant. It wasn't an easy decision by all means, but a necessary one. People don't realize how much rumors or unkind things can hurt. It hurts business personally and financially.

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Lauro's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria closes, Lauro's pizza closes
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Community Saddened

Customers reacted to the sad news of the Seneca Turnpike restaurant closing on a community social media group.

Best of luck to you. Your food is delicious. And we always enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff - Brenda Ducey

Oh, I love your place, we just ordered my birthday dinner from you guys on Friday the 1st. So sorry to see you closing. Best of luck to you and your family - Tina Marie

So very sad- we loved your pizza and the customer service was always top notch - Karolyn Lewis

The best fish sandwich ever!! Sorry to see this - Sandra Williams

There are several Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Central New York that are still open. Where is your favorite? Let us know inside our station app.

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