A famous donut shop that once had 40 locations in several states, including New York, is now no more.

It's the end of an era. A company that has been serving donuts and coffee since 1955 has closed its final location.

The Whole Donut once had shops across Connecticut, Southern Massachusetts, Northern Vermont, and the Catskills and Queensbury in New York. Not anymore.

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The company said goodbye to the Whole Donut Brand when they closed the final location on Saturday, March 9. The sad news was posted on social media where customers shared their fond memories.

Saying Goodbye to Delicious Donuts & Coffee

James Coyne - "I miss this place in Catskill."

Gail Richi - "It’s so sad that they didn’t do better because the donuts and coffee is 1000 times better than Dunkin’ Donuts."

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Amy Caron - "My parents met at the Whole Donut long before I was born. Funny enough, I worked at the Whole Donut as my first job for 5 years. Awesome donuts and I have yet to find a coffee that I like as much as theirs."

Kevin Washington - "I've spent the last 20 years since I moved trying to find something anything that tastes like a regular light and sweet....nothing like it."

No reason was given for the final closing and the end of The Whole Donut forever. Their tasty treats and delicious coffee will surely be missed by many.

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