Quinnsanity at Cavallo's
It was a crazy night at Cavallo's as the newly dubbed hometown hero, Ryan Quinn, sang to a deck filled to capacity with both new and old fans. Ryan turned four chairs and the attention of a city on to his amazing talent with his appearance on NBC's 'The Voice.' Cavallo's, a …
Corked Now Open
If you love wine, craft beer, quality liquor, and supporting local business then "Corked" is for you! What used to be a dark, smoky, cigar bar is now a bright, inviting, and beautiful new wine bar and it's now open right next to Cavallo's restaurant in New Hartford.
Cigar Bar No More
Since 2003, when New York State banned smoking in restaurants, Tom Cavallo's "Hava Cigar Bar" was the only place you could enjoy a cocktail and the tobacco product of your choice indoors. Since March 1st, that is no longer the case.