Maybe you've been in the situation when the cash to National Grid was a little late, and they shut the power off. That's exactly what happened at the Rotterdamn Square Mall in Schenectady, just outside of Albany.

Times Union of Albany reports National Grid cut power to the mall after what the utility said were unsuccessful attempts to get the mall to pay an outstanding bill.

"National Grid has been working with the owners of the Rotterdam Mall for several months to set up a payment plan that would benefit both the mall and National Grid," spokesman Patrick Stella said in a statement. "Despite our attempts to work with the customer, they have been unable to reduce their balance owed for the energy they have used."

The mall shut power, during the work day, and with shoppers inside. The mall currently has at least 16 vacant storefronts, and still is coping with the departures of four major retailers.

National Grid, said the utility "will continue to work with the Rotterdam Mall owners and if an agreement and payment can be worked out, we will be able to return power to the mall.""

Maybe there will be several deals on flashlights inside.



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