Looking to celebrate Valentine's Day on the cheap? Here's the top gift ideas that are under $20 that aren't super cheap looking or crappy.

1) Scented Beer Bottle Candle


These candles are made out old beer bottles, and look pretty cool. They come in a wide variety of scents, including beer. These can be yours for $12.


2) Cupcake Flavored Toothpaste


Who doesn't love the taste of cupcakes? Imagine brushing your teeth as an adult with this! It can be yours for $5.99. You could probably by three for under twenty.


3) USB Light


Don't you hate when you are working on the computer and you don't have a light handy? Now, you'll never have that problem! This will only set you back $14.99 from Modcloth.


4) Toilet Mug

Big Mouth Toys

Maybe you know someone who has a potty mouth. Well, now they can drink out of the potty. This toilet mug is a steal on Amazon from Big Mouth Toys for $10.98.


5) 50 Shades of Grey Inspired Necklace by Stardust Trinkets


Maybe your Valentine's Day isn't complete without a little book reading before bed. Ther's only one book your going for on that night, 50 Shades of Grey! This necklace is inspired by the book and can be yours from Stardust Trinkets for $8.