Nashville newcomer Matt Farris at FrogFest 32 took the stage by storm.

See his photos from on stage here.

Matt Farris Holding Out The Long Notes At FrogFest 32

He comes from a family of musicians beginning with his grandfather and father. When he was a baby his mom didn’t know any of the traditional nursery rhymes, so she sang him what she did know.

Another family experience led to Matt moving to Nashville, although at the time it's hard to imagine seeing the bigger picture. He was staying at his father's house in Arizona when someone tried to break into the elder Farris' truck. When they went to confront the would-be burglars one of the passengers fired a shot, it traveled through Dad and struck Matt in the chest.

"My Dad took a bullet for me, obviously, it brought us closer together. Shortly thereafter we started playing music together."

Matt seems to have his fair share of unusual stories and coincidences leading him from his home in Arizona to taking the stage at FrogFest 32 on September 18. He and a friend attended a Toby Keith concert in Phoenix, one of the opening acts on the evening's lineup was a little 'ol band we affectionately named, "FrogFest Favorites" several years ago, Trailer Choir.

FrogFest 32, starring Eli Young Band at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds, presented by Curtis Lumber.

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