October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Since hearing a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, I'm more aware.  My thoughts and prayers are with her as she goes through this difficult time.  I made her a promise to get my first mammogram, now that I've turned 40, and I've kept that promise.

Getting a mammogram is something I've put off for years, using every excuse I could think of to avoid having one.  It's something most women do.  After hearing the terrible news of my friend's diagnosis, I realized there is NO excuse.  Early detection is the key and I'm hoping they caught her's soon enough. I'm also hoping more women will follow my lead and get their mammogram for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Dear friend, I thank you for being courageous in your battle and an inspiration to so many women. You may have saved my life.

Paige Brown/TSM
Paige Brown/TSM

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