If you love to ride go-karts, how would you like to strap into a kart that could take you over 100mph?

Mohawk Valley Community College's Aviation Maintenance program joined us at The Guy's Expo over the weekend and brought with them some of the coolest toys.

They brought their baby Great Lakes Biplane that could fit in your living room and actually flies, but the coolest thing they brought was the go-kart.

Luke Austin, TSM
Luke Austin, TSM

It was created as a student project in the class at MVCC, as a way to introduce students to jet technology.

This kart has six wheels and a micro-turbo engine that produces 75lbs of thrust and can get the go-kart up to 100mph.

They said the 100mph mark was an estimate because with the jet engine, it could theoretically go even faster, but short of taking it to the Bonneville Salt Flats they simply don't have a long enough track to test the top speed.

Check out the video of the Jet-powered go-kart and listen to how loud it is!

You can even see the thrust from the engine start to push the kart.



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