MVCC nursing students are shining the spotlight on their school and their profession.  They've put together a video to show the joy of nursing for a national contest.  And they're up against four big state schools for the top prize.

Students were asked to show nursing spirit in a music video for the National Student Nurses Association.   They could use original music or create a lip-sync parody.  The students created 'The Good,' an original song set to a touching video, showing a day in the life of a nurse.

MVCC is against big state schools in California, Georgia, Colorado and New York City who have the funds and voting power to produce high quality videos and launch a major campaign.  Nursing student Lynzie Quinn says 'This year we decided to enter the contest just three weeks before the deadline. Without any money spent, we were able to produce “The Good.” Everyone you see in the video are nursing students, except for one faculty member. All the editing was done by a Kong Tran who is an amazing photography student at MVCC. We poured our hearts and souls into making this video, and we hope our message of joy, and appreciation can inspire it’s way across America.'

The winning music video will be shown at the Opening Ceremony of the 60th Anniversary Convention & Alumni Reunion in Pittsburgh, PA, Wednesday,April 11.

Lets show our support for our school and students by voting.  You only have until April 4th to cast your vote.  Watch the video and vote, pass on to your friends and help put MVCC on the map.


Nurse ...Marina Joseph
Patient ....Arianna Graziadei
Mom ....Lesa Mae Steele
Dad ....Norman Reith
Doctor ....Lydia Seales

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