Yes, although it's only mid-August, back-to-school time is creeping up quickly. We know that the kids may be stressing about getting back into the groove of school, but moms are stressing, too. According to a new survey, 32 percent of moms say back-to-school time is the most stressful time of the year for them.

The survey was conducted by Epsom Salt. It found that over 50 percent of mothers are stressed out over things like the cost of clothes, supplies and other aspects that tie into back-to-school time. And, for mothers that have kids in high school, that number is higher, with 70 percent of moms saying they stress over back-to-school essentials.

So, can you guess what the second stressful time in mom's life is? Have you guessed yet? Well, if you guessed the winter holiday season, you're correct.  Coming in second place as the most stressful time of the year for mothers is the winter holiday season.

Moms out there--when is it the most stressful time for you? Is it back-to-school time or is it the holiday season?