There really are good people in this crazy world.

Remember those missing chainsaws that fell out of the back of a truck in Central New York? Someone found both and did the right thing by returning them to the rightful owner.

The chainsaws belonged to David Hutchings of Hutchings Tree Service. They had fallen out of the back of his truck in New Hartford.

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Stops Traffic for Saws

"Frank" saw the chainsaws lying in the middle of the road on Seneca Turnpike. He stopped traffic to run out and collect them. He then started asking around trying to find the owner of the saws. Eventually, someone overheard his conversation and told him they saw on social media they belonged to Hutchings Tree Service.

David and his wife Kimberly met up with Frank over the weekend. "He's a super great guy," said Kimberly, "We couldn't be more thankful."

The chainsaws are now back where they belong, something Kimberly says she knew would happen all along.

I knew it in my gut someone good would find and return them. It proves there are still good people around our small town.

A $500 reward was offered for returning the two saws but Frank didn't accept it. Instead, he asked if it could be deducted from the tree work he wanted to be done on his property.

The owner of Belfield Realty was so touched by Frank's goodness, that she offered to help pitch in towards paying for the tree work when it was complete. "This is awesome. On behalf of my company, I would be happy to pitch in," said Ashley Caraher.

Credit - Kimberly Hutchings
Credit - Kimberly Hutchings

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