A faulty tailgate is to blame for a Central New York business owner losing two new chain saws. Now he and his family are hoping someone found them and will do the right thing.

David Hutchings owns Hutchings Tree Service. Two new chainsaws and gas cans fell out of his truck around 11:45 AM on Tuesday, January 9. One was his and the other belonged to his son-in-law. Both were Stihl Chainsaws. One was a 500I the other was a 660 Magnum.

Credit - Hutchings Tree Service
Credit - Hutchings Tree Service

Lost Around Commercial Drive

Hutchings believes they may have fallen out of the back of his truck somewhere between the Sangertown Mall light and the old Zebbs restaurant on Commercial Drive. He asked around at a few businesses in the area after he realized they were gone but no one saw anything.

The GMC truck Hutchings drives is under recall for a faulty tailgate. The switch needs replacing to avoid falling open, which is what Hutchings believes happened. He didn't even know it was open.

Reward Offered

A $500 reward is being offered to whoever returns the chainsaws that are vital for Hutchings's business.

I hope who ever did pick them off the road, will understand the people that use those are hard workers trying to provide for their families and will get the word out to try to find the owner.

If anyone knows anything they are asked to call 315-796-2210.

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