Justin Moore promised us before FrogFest, he was going to mix things up a bit for his latest album 'Off the Beaten Path,' mixing traditional country with a modern sound. He's putting 'Old Back in the New School,' as he sings in the first single on the album. The result is his best work to date.  From a soulful duet with Miranda Lambert called 'Old Habits,' to the title track, where he raps.  Hey, if Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean and now Luke Bryan can do it, so can Justin Moore.

'Old Habits' with Miranda Lambert

Although I love this entire album, the Miranda duet 'Old Habits' is one of my favorites.  When I first heard it, I was hooked from the first verse, featuring only Justin and the piano I say goodnight to an empty space beside me/The only reply is the beat of my heart/I wake up and I make two black cups of coffee/The routine being with you taught me left its mark/These old habits die hard.  Then, Miranda's beautiful voice begins and it's magic!

'That's How I Know You Love Me'

'That's How I Know You Love Me' is something Justin has never done before; an emotional love song, but his favorite song he's ever recorded.  'It's a great song. I know somebody needs too. I don't know if I'm the guy to do it, but it needs to be cut.' It was long overdue too since the song was written 10 years ago by Rodney Clawson. But the last time someone recorded a ten year old Rodney Clawson song it was 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away.'  We all know how that ended; at  #1.

'One Dirt Road'

'One Dirt Road' is about what awaits us on the other side and wasn't meant to be a song written about Justin's grandmother, who recently passed away, but it's turned into one.  'Every time I play it, my mind goes to a specific place where I was with my grandma. If it's personal to me, it's personal to a lot of other people. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

'I'd Want It To Be Yours'

When I first heard 'I'd Want It To Be Yours,' I KNEW Justin had to have written it, after meeting him at FrogFest.  He calls it a 'ridiculous' song that is just him 'being a perverted, idiot.' He had intended to write another 'I Can Kick Your A$$' song from his first album, but 'it went in a complete different direction.' Id' say. From kicking your behind to kissing it.  What a funny song, Justin didn't expect it would ever make an album.

'Off the Beaten Path'

The title track 'Off the Beaten Path,' is country/rap and what Justin says was a 'big time stretch for me.' It's now his favorite song on the album and all the credit goes to Jake Owen, who encouraged him to record it.  Thanks Jake!

'For Some Ole Redneck Reason' with Charles Daniels

Charlie Daniels is one of Justin's heroes and the only one he thought of while writing 'For Some Ole Redneck Reason.' Justin just didn't think he could get Charlie to sing on it, or to even recognize him, for that matter.  But when Justin approached him at a concert to ask, Charlie not only recognized him he said, 'I've never cut a song with redneck in it. I don't even need to hear it. You tell me when and where and I'll be there.,'marking one of the 'coolest moments' in Justin's life.

Die hard Justin Moore fans will love the new album, and he's bound to make many new fans after they hear 'Off the Beaten Path.'

'Off the Beaten Path' is in stores today or you can order online at iTunes.

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