A community minded teen is finding his community loves him too. You may recall the story of Antonio Gwynn, Jr., he's the 18 year old who spent 10 hours cleaning up a Buffalo street after a George Floyd protest. The city's mayor, Byron Brown called him a "A true champion of our city."

Earlier this month, Gwynn he spent 10 hours cleaning up a stretch of Bailey Avenue that had been littered with garbage and glass following a protest. When news of his good deed began to spread he was gifted a car by another Buffalo resident, insurance for the vehicle, and a local college provided him a full scholarship. Now the mayor is adding one more piece to the pie.

As part of his "Reform Agenda," Mayor Brown offered him a job once he completed High School.  Brown added, "I am calling on other local governments, businesses and organizations to set a goal to hire more black people as the global movement for real racial justice and equity continues."

Gwynn accepted the opportunity with the city's building department. His college plan will include starting his own business involving cars and cleaning.


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