Neighbors in Marcy gathered in their front lawns over the weekend to show their love for each other and their love for their country.

The neighbors in Sunrise Terrace came out in droves, standing in their front lawns, many holding American flags. This video from WKTV shows them singing "God Bless America" as their Sunday in isolation came to an end, their voices ringing with hope and solidarity.

Monica Schmadel organized the whole event. She told WKTV she had seen similar "gatherings" of neighbors across the world, and wanted to get her street involved.

"I called everybody on the street Friday," Schmadel told WKTV. "All afternoon I was on the phone catching up with my neighbors, but it was fun. It's something uplifting for a change."

It was something uplifting that not only touched the residents of Sunrise Terrace, but has also touched a number of central New Yorkers who are quarantined and need a little hope and good news in their lives during this difficult time.

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